Indigo Sun Training CiC
    A Community Interest Company  

Always Looking Forward

A Social Enterprise founded in 2014 in the provision and delivery of a range of workshops and training courses which are relevant across all sectors. 
We offer intrinsic learning in a relaxed and caring setting, a modern and fresh approach to training.  Our programmes are designed by our highly qualified educators and leaders, you are benefiting from a wide range of offerings, supported by experienced personnel whose aim is to assure you of a rewarding and profitable learning experience.  
Passionate about people!   

We love seeing people thrive and appreciate that it is the challenge that presents the opportunity for growth. Open source values, transparency and a resilient philosophy are key tenets we employ, combined with determination that our learners succeed. We love our community and all our profits are re-invested, to ensure that our philanthropic principles are furthered in a tangible way - with the support, loyalty and dedication of our stakeholders. 


When setting out on any venture, it is important to be prepared. INDIGO assist you in a challenging climate where there is a pressing need to leverage value and protect your bottom line; a technologically advanced society is defined by a  landscape which is continually changing. Sound programmes of learning, based on a mix of business models, tailored to your needs with the emphasis on  innovation utilising the latest technological advances and human resources to assure you of a range of services which places you at the heart of our  endeavours . 


We are delighted that you are visiting our website!     A new Social Enterprise launched in 2014, INDIGO Training and education is an exciting development for the Community.  We are currently involved in a range of ambitious projects, including new training premises, board meetings are taking place with stakeholders to integrate training programmes across sectors,  we have successfully bid for contracts and staff are refreshing teaching skills in preparation for Courses.  Please leave a message on the Contacts page and we will send you details of our Courses and Workshops.   

email indigosun@btinternet.com for further details

Indigo assure you of Excellence in Education and Training