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Why do you need to assess risk? 

In a world where health and safety legislation charges ever increasing demands and duties on employers, and other persons who control the way in which something is carried out many find it a struggle to keep up with their statutory obligations.


While it is fairly straightforward to follow the standard advice and even write a basic risk assessment, you should not be under the impression that a generic template will fit the needs of your organisation, be aware that any document is dated from the moment it is written and any changes (such as purchase of new machinery, methods of work, training of new staff and many more factors require to be fully explored and this requires an independent and objective eye - Indigo Sun Training Company employ professionals recruited from a wide range of sectors to advise and demonstrate their knowledge in simple layman's terms to ease your understanding of what can seem a complex minefield and onerous burden on an organisation, seeking to be legally compliant. 



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